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Welcome to National School Of Banking

National School of Banking (NSB) welcomes you to explore the world of the largest Bank Pre-recruitment Training Institute in India. NSB is actively involved since 1978 in training candidates seeking bank jobs from every nook and corner of India.

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Free G.D. and Interview Training

Once our students have passed the written/online examination, Group Discussion and Interview Training are imparted free-of-cost to our students.

Interviews in Banks are different from those in other industries.

Our interview trainers have vast experience in the field and have trained thousands of students to face such interviews successfully. They see to it that the candidate is properly trained to answer not only banking-related questions but also to face with confidence, all types of questions that may be asked in a Bank P.O./Clerical interview.

Candidates also have to participate in mock GD's to improve their performance and boost their confidence.

It is no surprise then, that in the past 36 years, we have helped over 86,000 students to get jobs in the Banking Industry !